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What are Pigment Prints?

Pigment Prints are made using inks that contain colour pigments, much the same as the paints used in old master paintings contain pigments.

Why are Pigment Prints better than ordinary colour photographs or normal prints?

Most colour photographic printing and other types of printing use dyes to achieve a colour effect on our eyes. These dyes can only approximate colours and the depth of colour is limited. Pigment prints are made with inks containing actual pigments that are true colours with all the vibrancy and subtle shades that we see in everyday life.

How are the photographs taken and then printed?

Photos are taken by Peter Chadwick (below) on a very high-resolution digital camera and then printed digitally in fine detail, using Epson pigment ink on Epson archival matte or enhanced matte paper for the prints. This process is very direct and a fleeting light effect on a landscape or a spectacular sky can be captured in all its depth of colour and subtlety. The prints you receive will not have any text on them -- the numbers and titles on the pictures in the galleries are just for identifying your order.

By the photographer, Peter Chadwick:

"For me advances in digital photography have brought a new freedom to explore many different environments. The combination of digital photography and pigment ink printing can achieve wonderful true colours and show subtle or dramatic atmospheric effects that can only be properly captured with this technique.

I feel that so many of the images we see are temporary images designed to grab attention to promote or sell something. I hope these prints are something different and will give long-lasting pleasure."

         Peter Chadwick

Will my Pigment Print fade?

Pigment ink printing is one of the most long-lasting reproduction methods available. We understand from the manufacturers that these inks should be lightfast for longer than a persons normal full lifetime.

How sharp are the Pigment Prints?

Much sharper than the computer screen can show. The images on this website are not at full resolution to prevent unauthorized use. The actual prints show more detail than most normal photographs and people are usually very impressed by the quality. The picture below shows an enlarged section--the actual print will be sharper than the computer screen can show-:


Will my order arrive safely and quickly?

The prints are packed securely and sent by fully-insured registered post or fully-insured carriers. The unmounted prints are sent in a wide thick-walled postal tube. The prints in card mounts are sent between rigid sheets of MDF and the framed pictures are sent bubble-wrapped in a rigid box. We aim to dispatch orders within 5 working days and signed-for post is 1st class taking one to two days in the UK, as do the carriers in the UK. For other countries we also use signed-for fully-insured post or fast fully-insured carriers. The insurance covers everything in the unlikely event of damage--even the glass on framed pictures is covered.

How is my credit/debit card payment collected?

When you go to the Pigment Prints checkout your payment is made direct to WorldPay who are one of the major secure on-line credit card payment processors.

If you have any other questions please contact us.

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